Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Something to think about. Drug companies, "Big Pharma", and Big Government

Before a drug company, part of "Big Pharma" (whatever that propaganda phrase means) can sell a new prescription drug, they have to do big clinical trials. This is expensive, overseen by the FDA, and they have to prove safety and efficacy. The process is imperfect but most new drugs are really pretty good.

What about Big Gov? They had big televised hearings and told us that we should cut fat from our diets, eat a lot more HealthyWholeGrains, cut back on cholesterol. We did so. America blimped.

Did they do a big clinical trial before making sweeping recommendations and regulations that affected the health of hundreds of millions of us?


They very likely have killed more people than any bad drug ever came close to. Did we vote McGovern and his other senators out for fattening up an entire generation?


The lawyers that advertise on cable TV go fishing all night for the few people who have bad reactions to medications. How come they aren't fishing for people who got diabetes, heart disease, obesity, bad knees from following untested government guidelines?

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