Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Who is Phat Phobic out there?

We've been programmed since the 70's that dietary fat will kill you. Since that time we've reduced our dietary fat and exploded in weight. Fat phobia is irrational. It is unscientific. There is no credible evidence to support it. Clear?  Use your mind, be strong and intelligent, and fight the phobia.

Low carbohydrate, high fat, moderate protein diets, meanwhile, keep getting examined and keep coming out on top. According to this review post, the score is low carb 18, others 0 for weight loss. (There is also a lot about fat in the diet.  The science says fat is NOT YOUR ENEMY.  Even Saturated Fat; a big meta-analysis says that saturated fat is not toxic. )

Dietary fat does NOT become fat in your coronary arteries. Another phobia.

In the doctor's lounge, one comment keeps coming up: "Well, yes, people lose weight on Atkins but nobody can sustain it."  The irony is, that in diet trials for the past twenty years nobody can sustain any diet. The fact that it's tough to sustain Atkins or other low carb diets just means it's hard for people to overcome habits, and especially habits built by professional marketers and neuroscientists who have been bombarding us with low fat, high carb, zero nutrition, processed foods for decades.

Oh, by the way, don't try to do a low carb, low fat diet!  Happens all the time. See above, Fat Phobia. There are only three calorie containing foods: protein, fat, and carbs. Excess protein has nowhere to go (our bodies cannot store it) so it gets turned into, you guessed it, carbs and nitrogen waste.  If you cut carbs, fat HAS to go up.   Just remember, so what?  Fat is good for you.

Building motivation is what we all need to think about, the motivation to persist, to endure,  to carry on. For me, low carb for over a year, it's my new grandsons (see the Squat post!

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